To have Jimmy audition for or record your project it’s best to go through his manager or agent listed on the CONTACT page.

Once the script is e-mailed or faxed to him, he records in his state of the art studio overlooking the glorious Pacific Ocean. Jim uses a Sennheiser 416 shotgun (which has become the standard microphone in the trailer and promo world), and records with ProTools or SoundStudio in 48k or 44.1k high quality digital audio while ensconced in a double walled, enhanced isolation booth called a WhisperRoom

In his home studio, Jim uses the renowned Avalon VT 737 Tube pre-amp, and when on the road or vacation, uses his 416 mic with a tiny MicPortPro USB pre-amp  Jim has recorded many a promo and trailer in hotels rooms (and rental cars- yes, it works) around the globe and they sound great!  Another benefit of the super directional shotgun microphone.

He can go live to any other studio via ISDN (he has a Telos Zephyr), or can record AIFF, WAV or high quality MP3 audio files and then send them via e-mail, Apple’s MobileMe (a cool file transfer website that obviates the need for FTP sites), FTP, iDisk, audio CD via FedEx, etc.  He now also has the ISDN emulation plug in for ProTools called Source-Connect, so he will be able to go live from hotel rooms as well.  ISDN is actually an older technology that was supplanted by DSL, but it’s still the audio delivery standard for a while longer because it is point to point and is not slowed down by internet traffic.

To direct Jimmy, you can simply give instructions in the script, have an e-mail or phone conversation, listen in and direct the recording session live via phone patch, or direct Jim live via ISDN or SourceConnect.  Jim has numerous clients from all over the world whom has never met (including Canada, Ireland, England, Belgium, Argentina, Brazil, Italy, and more), and many who never direct him- they just give some quick specs and Jim records on his own and e-mails it back to them- even long narrations.  Jim cleans up the recording session tracks and sends you all usable takes.

And Jim’s studio time is included free of charge when you only require straight voice tracks.  If you want something mixed or fully produced, then studio charges would apply.

Jimmy Hodson would love to work with you!  (But not in a romantic love kind of way.)


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